So far we have:

reflexivity and mystery and Object (a) and systems;
screens and layers and me and not-me;
the subject and the object and desire and the fetish;
use value and exchange value and surplus and commodification;
gaze and the fall of gaze and tripping and not quite seeing;
things and wanting to posess them and the impossible, the unattainable;
of course seduction and anxiety and womanhood and woman‘s construction;
readings and interpretations and things that can’t be articulated and power;
roundness and innocence an the image and a smile;
the difference between art and design and windows everywhere and play, play;
flesh and need and survival and historical context;
status and objecthood and artefacts and what escapes me;
strategies and che vuoi and not recognizing myself or seing myself as other;
transformation and duality and masculinity and enjoyment;
whips and submission and his desire and the cure;
theatricality and fashion and victims and Frank Sinatra;
the hysteric and attraction and the devil and the Bible;
sexuality and definition and improper conduct and…

All this in just one image.