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Join me in regular Mysore and pranayama sessions at the Arlington Baths or my RCS classes (for staff and students) whether you are new to yoga, want to return to the practice or are a regular practitioner who wants a dedicated, nurturing, and calming space to do yoga.

NEW!! See below for my Indian Summer Yoga Retreat with Sue Crow, 13-16 September 2019



On the September full moon, Sue Crow and Laura González team up to offer a yoga retreat aimed at preparing the mind, body and breath for the last days of summer. After the energy of the warm season, we are often unprepared for the changes in light, temperature and mood that occur in the Northern part of the world at this time of year. Take the time to nourish yourself and reflect on what you need. We are offering you posture workshops, pranayama practice and satsang.

Tucked away in the inspiring natural settings of the Argyll countryside, Barmolloch Cottages provide a cosy hideaway to enjoy an extended weekend of yoga and relaxation in the company of like-minded people. At mealtimes we offer freshly prepared nutritious food to boost your energy levels & nourish your body to be ready for the approaching equinox and the changes that it brings.


£350 Early Bird until 25th May. You will be asked to pay a deposit of £150 by 25th May to secure your place.

£400 from 25th May

To book, contact:

Laura: +44 (0) 79 0508 8568,

Sue: +44 (0) 759 6471 365,


Friday 13 September 

3pm: Arrival
4 – 5.15pm: Half-primary assisted self practice (Sue & Laura)
5.15 – 6pm: Guided meditation (Sue)
6 – 7pm: Pranayama (Laura)
8pm: Buffet dinner

Saturday 14 September

7 – 7.30am: (optional) Seated meditation or intention setting or kriyas with Laura
7.30 – 8.30am: Pranayama (Laura)
8.30 – 10.30am: Assisted self-practice (Sue and Laura)
11am: Brunch and break
4 – 5.30pm: Core strength workshop (Sue)
5.30 – 6pm: Satsang (Sue and Laura)
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Full moon reflections and celebrations

Sunday 15 September

7 – 7.30am(optional) Seated Meditation, intention setting or kriyas with Laura
7.30 – 8.30am: Pranayama
8.30 – 10.30am: Assisted self-practice (Sue and Laura)
11am: Brunch and break
4 – 5.30pm: Hip opening workshop (Sue)
5.30 – 6pm: Satsang (Sue and Laura)
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Sing along with Ronnie on guitar​

Monday 16 September

7 – 9am: Assisted self-practice (Sue and Laura)
9.30am:  Breakfast and departure

The Sessions


The breath is the link between mind and body, a powerful tool to help you make the most of your yoga practice and to enhance your life. Deepening the breath makes us more aware, attentive, focused, calms us and nourishes us. It is a very effective way to relax. Working skilfully with the breath makes us feel delightful and grounded, enhancing our connection to ourselves and purifying our body.

During these practice sessions we explore why breath control is an important yogic practice. Laura will introduce simple preparations, purification techniques and breath exercises that will support you and enhance your awareness, helping you to go deeper into your practice, whether that is asana, meditation or something else. We will explore the link between breath and the nervous system, how it can support situations of stress and anxiety and boost your immune system.

Core Strength

A strong core stabilises your entire body, improves balance, alleviates the risk of back pain, helps you to achieve an improved posture, supports better breathing & helps perform everyday movements like lifting, carrying, walking up a flight of stairs e.t.c. with greater ease.

Strengthening & accessing your core will benefit you on many levels, in your yoga practice & in your everyday life.

Without foundation & strength it is difficult to safely experience lightness. from the basic standing poses to the more demanding balancing poses, inversions & back bending poses, all require strength, balance & stability to experience the benefits.

In this workshop we start with a 15 minute core strengthening sequence to warm up & prepare the body, before taking a closer look at the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A&B) & the transitions (vinyasa – synchronising breath & movement) that string all postures (Asana) together.

We will then playfully explore some of the more challenging balancing poses & inversions.

Hip Opening

Hip openers can be both challenging and relaxing, they may feel somewhat uncomfortable & offer great release at the same time.

One of the many benefits of practising hip opening postures is stretching and working muscles that are connected to our stress response, in particular the psoas muscle, a muscle that attaches the lower (lumber) spine to the thigh (femur) bone,. The psoas muscle is stimulated when we experience stress.

Tight hips can cause strain on the lower back, legs, knees & feet.

We start this workshop with the Sun Salutations to prepare our body & mind for a sequence of hip opening postures that help us find space & greater mobility in our daily practice.

This sequence of hip opening poses is designed to help with re-alignment of the lower back, hips, legs & feet.

The Food

Food is extremely important to self-care. Good food invites practice! For this retreat, we have a resident chef, Ronnie, who not only knows about nourishing the body with fresh produce, but makes it taste divine. He feeds the soul as well!

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements as we want to make sure everyone has a fantastic experience at mealtimes.

Available all day: coffee, teas, juices, water, milk, plant milk, fruit, nuts, biscuits, cereal, yogurt, chocolate

The location

We will be coming together in the beautiful Argyll countryside, which is just a couple of hours away from Glasgow. Barmolloch cottages offer comfortable accommodation, stunning scenery with ancient trees; a tranquil spot of peace and quiet to rest and dedicate a bit of time to yourself and your yoga practice. You can see the venue here: 

The teachers

Sue’s teaching style is intuitive, nurturing, encouraging and playful. Sue started studying with John Scott in 2011 and graduated from his teacher training programme in 2014. She continues to study with her main teachers John Scott and Manju Pattabhi Jois as often as she can.

Laura practices ashtanga vinyasa yoga and pranayama, which teaches her discipline, compassion, patience, and letting go, all of which she shares with her students.  Her teachers are Rosina Bonsu, Kia Naddermier, Radha Warrell and Pierre Seghir.

What to pack

* We have yoga mats, blocks and belts, but bring your own equipment if you prefer it
* Yoga clothes
* Layers
* A shawl or blanket for meditation and pranayama
* (optional) Neti pot and sutra, if you use these or want to learn
* Outdoor shoes
* Outdoor waterproof coat
* Swimming Costume (there is a hot tub!)
* Towels (you can request towels from Barmolloch for £10)
* Toiletries
* Any food or drink treats to enhance your meals
* A musical instrument to jam at the singalong session
* Neti pot and sutra (optional)

Class schedule

My classes at the Arlington Baths and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are off until September. A few of us will be practicing at the Arlington Baths at 7.30am if you want to join us. Just £2 towards the space and you get a warm room and a beautiful sangha!

September–December 2019
at the Arlington Baths

Weekly Classes

from Monday 2 September to Thursday 12 December

Mondays, 7.45–9.30: Yoga Assisted Practice (Mysore)
Tuesdays, 18.25–20.30: Yoga Assisted Practice (Mysore)
Thursdays, 7.45–9.30: Yoga Assisted Practice (Mysore)



Tuesdays 3, 10, 17 September 2019
17.00 – 18.15
£11/£9 Arlington members, concession
Class card valid

Assisted practice is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga yoga, though it can be daunting. Instead of working in unison under the instruction of a teacher, practitioners work at their own pace and breath rate. Assisted practice allows each student individual guidance from the teacher and space to explore their own needs.

In this course you will:
• Find out how assisted practice works
• Learn the key postures in the Primary Series
• Discover how to remember the sequence
• Be taught the breath pattern and learn to monitor your breath
• Deepen your understanding of the postures
• Be introduced to the benefits of the practice
• Feel confident to attend regular drop in classes

This class is suitable for complete beginners, those who practice another form or any one wanting to refresh their practice.

PRANAYAMA with Laura Gonzalez

Tuesday 24 September
Tuesday 29 October
Tuesday 26 November

17.00 – 18.15
£11/£9 Arlington members, concession
8 class card/ monthly pass applies to these sessions

These classes are for those who are complete pranayama beginners, practitioners who have done pranayama but don’t have a regular practice, or for those who have a yoga or meditation practice and want to delve deeper – all are welcome.

The breath is key to Ashtanga yoga practice. It allows for the deepening of postures and enhances their benefits. During the course, each session will build on what you know and will develop the tools and techniques required to help you set, refine and sustain an individual pranayama practice.

During these sessions you will:
• Learn about the breath – to observe it, to follow it and to enhance it
• Learn to deepen your breath, allowing you to become more aware and mindful, calm and focused
• Learn preparations and purification techniques that will help to boost the benefits of pranayama
• Learn more about how this practice relates to the Ashtanga yoga system


I am available for 1-1 private yoga and/or pranayama sessions, and I am flexible on time and place. Prices for these are £40 for one session (1 hour), or £100 for three.

Past classes and courses


Wonderful teacher & deep pool of knowledge for all things yoga.
—Will, on my regular ashtanga classes

She’s a great teacher! Very supportive, patient and encouraging.
–Jude, on my beginners ashtanga course

Thank you for setting me on this path.
–Jane, on my pranayama class

You have made this really accessible. It has come along at the right time for me. I am loving it. So much so I am even practicing on my own.
–Liz, on my pranayama class

As her husband I’m obviously biased BUT I am also the only person who knows how incredibly dedicated Laura is to the daily practice of yoga.
–Neil, on my yoga practice

My training

I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 2013 and I am a teacher of this form. My teachers are Rosina Bonsu, Kia Naddermier, Radha Warrell and Pierre Seghir. I have also practiced under John Scott, Lino Miele, and Taylor Hunt, among others. Ashtanga shows me discipline, compassion, patience, and letting go.

Teacher Training

  • September 2016–July 2017: Classical Yoga School 200hr teacher training with Judi Farrell (Classical Yoga School)
  • April–October 2017: In-depth Development Training, 60hrs with Kia Naddermier
  • September–October 2018: 50-hr Yin Yoga Foundations Teacher Training

Additional workshops, intensives and retreats (continuing professional development)


03–05 January: Ashtanga Primary Series Intensive with Sue Crow
24–27 January: Intensive Ashtanga Yoga Master Class, Mysore Style Self Practice, Adjustments and Pranayama with Kia Naddermier
27 March, 3 April and 10 April: The Bhagavad Gita: Diving in to Practical Yoga Philosophy with James Boag
29–31 March: Yoga and the Sun: Integrated Weekend Intensive with James Boag
07–09 June: YOGAPractice with Radha and Pierre
08–18 July: SUMMER RETREAT – Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama Sadhana in depth, Sierra Nevada, Spain with Kia Naddermier
12–18 August: Pranayama Introduction and Immersion with Sudhir Tiwari


23–25 November: Yoga weekend with Radha and Pierre
21–23 September: Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama–Intermediate Series Master classes, practice, principles, philosophy & adjustments with Kia Naddermier
16 September: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with Tim Feldmann and Fearless Backbends with Kino MacGregor
18–31 August: YogaPlus retreat with Radha and Pierre
21–31 July: SUMMER RETREAT – Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama Sadhana in depth, Sierra Nevada, Spain with Kia Naddermier
02–03 June: Yoga and Breathing Bones retreat with Rosina Bonsu
28 April: Pranayama workshop with Siobhan Fitzgerald
20 April: Octopus Yoga: Navigating the deep, dancing in the ocean of life and passing through the eye of a needle with James Boag
09–11 March: YOGAPractice with Radha and Pierre
25–28 January: Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive with Kia Naddermier: Masterclass, self-practice, adjustments and pranayama


10–12 November: The Bhagavad Gita with James Boag
03–05 November: Yoga and Breathing Bones retreat with Rosina Bonsu
17 September: Mysore and Pranayama with Sarah Hatcher
1–3 September: Mysore and workshops with Taylor Hunt
14 June–05 July: YogaPlus retreat with Radha and Pierre
25–28 May: Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive with Kia Naddermier
21 May: Pranayama workshop with Siobhan Fitzgerald
21–23 April: Cultivating Harmony and Fulfilment in our World Today. Practical Yoga and Tantra with James Boag
17–19 March: Yoga and Breathing Bones retreat with Rosina Bonsu


14–20 December: Mysore and Pranayama with Lino Miele (Kovalam, India)
11–13 November: Practical Patañjali – Yoga Sūtra-s Chapter 2 with James Boag
06–20 July: YogaPlus retreat with Radha and Pierre
22–24 April: Yoga, Creativity & the Family Weekend Intensive with James Boag
04–06 March: Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama Intensive with Kia Naddermier


20–22 November: Yoga Sūtra-s Intensive with James Boag
30 October – 1 November: Pranayama & Ashtanga Yoga Primary & Intermediate Series Intensive with Kia Naddermier
24–25 October: Cultivating the Seeds of Compassion and Authenticity Breeds Gravitation with Jambo Truong
24 June-08 July: YogaPlus retreat with Radha and Pierre
03–06 April: Pranayama and ashtanga yoga intensive with Kia Naddermier


06–07 September: Workshop with John Scott, Chi and Co, Glasgow