Objects in Waiting

28 September 2006 | , ,

Curated by Tom Newell and Penny Whitehead


End Gallery, Psalter Lane Campus, Sheffield Hallam University, S11 8UZ.
Private view Wed 18 Oct 7-9pm, exhibition open to the public 19-26 Oct 2006
10-6 weekdays, 10-5 Saturdays, 1-6 Sundays
The curators in conversation Thu 26 Oct 4pm

An exhibition of objects that were found or bought with the particular thought or intention to one day use in the making of an artwork. However, days or months or even years have passed, and still no use for these objects has been found. Perhaps the objects have gained a status whereby they have become too important to combine with anything else. If this is so, consider the possibility that these objects, which have the potential to be elements of an artwork, could in fact be exhibited as works of art themselves. The objects in question may not necessarily be material; they could be a source of inspiration or a starting point for a work that was never realised.

In curating Objects in Waiting, we hope to provide an opportunity for artists to unburden themselves of something which may have taunted them from a corner of the studio for years.

This are the objects that first seduced me and then haunted me for years:

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