Marcel Duchamp and the Forestay waterfall

25 April 2010 | ,
Forestay Waterfall
Forestay Waterfall, which inspired Etant Donnes

Isn’t this the most wonderfully obscure symposium ever? I wish I could go – alas, I will be at another very obscure one, Jacques Lacan Today at UCL, in London. This is one of those event when one is guaranteed to share interests with the rest of the attendees. I should write to the Catalonian authorities of the place where Duchamp found the Spanish door to encourage them to make a rival symposium…

2 thoughts on “Marcel Duchamp and the Forestay waterfall

  1. That’s really a pretty specialised symposium. 🙂 The Spanish door? Which Spanish door? The Etant donnés door is from Spain? Complete ignorance here, sorry about that.
    At the British Library is a exhibition on historic maps. Maybe you have time to see that …

  2. Hey Michael,

    Yes, the door went to New York from Spain. I seem to remember reading Duchamp found it on a holiday with Dali and he really liked it. Nice connection eh?

    I’ll try to see the map show at the BL if I get any time out of the Lacan Today Conference next week. I should be near enough!

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