Laura Gonzalez


Fun Home by Alison Bechdel*****

Reading dates: 1 – 4 January 2015 How wonderful to start the year with a superb book. My dear friend Ian Macbeth gave me this for my birthday a couple of years ago. Many people had mentioned it to me but he did not hesitate: it was a book for me, and he was right. […]

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Trance Art

A paper I wrote with the wonderful Christopher Danowski has been published in issue 0 of ELSE, an international art, literature, theory and creative media journal. The image on the cover is also a hybrid, like the writing: Chris’ head and my décolletage. Thank god there is a fair amount of Lacan in our paper […]

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Revolt, She Said by Julia Kristeva***

Reading dates: 5 September – 24 October 2014 When Gilman-Opalsky kept referring to a book by Julia Kristeva I never heard of, I made my mind up to chose this when my turn came in our Dialectical Materialism book group. This is a book of interviews and, I am going to be honest, it was […]

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Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures by Mark Fisher ***

Reading dates: 08 June – 21 September 2014 I read this during a very special summer in my life. A close, loved and much admired person died young and unexpectedly, taken away by a devastating cancer in 3 months. Meanwhile, my country, the one I live in, was gearing to the most important decision in […]

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Lacan in spite of everything by Élisabeth Roudinesco ****

Reading dates: 23 April – 17 May 2014 I very much enjoyed reading Roudinesco’s appraisal of Lacan’s legacy, thirty years after his death. Only a psychoanalysis historian like her, author of Lacan’s biography, could take such a challenge in 224 pages. She gives an admirable account of Lacan’s ideas in short chapters, focusing on the […]

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Reading Hysteria review

Wimbledon blog posted a lovely review of our performance last week: I want to thank everyone at Wimbledon (Clare Mitten, Peter Farley, Anna, Richard and Mette) for making the day go smoothly, bearing with us and our pernickety approach to lighting and being so attentive to our outpour of words. Your generous feedback will […]

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Eleanor and I will be presenting our performance lecture ‘Reading Hysteria Between Laughter and Crying’ at Acts Re-Acts on Wednesday 19 March at 3pm. We will be sharing our time with the fascinating Mette Sterre, showing STRUCTUREALIST (2pm) and the wonderful and elegant Richard Layzell (of Glory fame) who will be presenting SWITCH (4pm). READING […]

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The book is here and it is actually quite lovely

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Madness, Women and the Power of Art

Madness, Women and the Power of Art [Paperback] Frances Davies (Author, Editor), Laura González (Author, Editor) If madness has a female voice, what art can represent it? Why do women so often find themselves lying on the couch as patients? Does creativity and cultural production have a special relation to madness? This collection of essays […]

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Death by Analysis by Bruce Fink **

Reading dates: 1 — 10 November 2013 Bruce Fink is my absolutely favourite Lacanian writer. His texts have not only helped me understand Lacan, but find enjoyment in Lacan’s language, which is not at all easy. He is also the translator of Lacan’s Ecrits and Seminar XX. He has gone through the pain to allow […]

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About Me

Laura Gonzalez is an artist and writer. Her recent practice encompasses film, dance, photography and text, and her work has been exhibited and published in the UK, Spain and Portugal. She has spoken at numerous conferences and events, including the Museum for the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, the Medical Museum in Copenhagen, College Arts Association and the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society. When she is not following Freud, Lacan and Marx’s footsteps with her camera, she lectures postgraduate students at the Glasgow School of Art. Her doctoral project, completed in 2010, investigated psychoanalytic approaches to making and understanding objects of seduction, including an examination of parallels between artistic and analytic practices, a study of Manolo Blahnik’s shoes as objects of desire, a disturbing encounter with Marcel Duchamp’s last work, and the creation of a psychoanalytically inspired Discourse of the Artefact, a framework enabling the circulation of questions and answers through a relational approach to artworks.

She is currently immersed in an interdisciplinary project exploring knowledge and the body of the hysteric. Laura is a keen reader and, with Ian Macbeth, she founded the Dialectical Materialist Book Group.