May 2021: On Small Steps



My happy face as I resumed teaching live at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

On Small Steps

I am sending you this newsletter later than planned because I have left my city for the first time this year to see family for a few days. The little pleasures in this trip have made me consider what we have been through these last long months.

It is said that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. And that first step is really half the way. One step after another is how we get anywhere. Our trip south was postponed many times and the small action of replanning, trying again, really kept our motivation up. And we got there in the end.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that not acting is not an option. We must take steps on our walk. In yoga we start wherever we are at that moment. Maybe we are blessed, as Richard Freeman says, with a stiff body, perhaps we have a busy mind or short breath. Wherever we are that’s where we start and the best we can do is to make one small change after another. Anything big will deter us, be too much and throw us off kilter. I need to be reminded of that often, as I want changes to manifest in full right now, even if I am not prepared for them.

The pandemic has thrown many of our plans and routines up in the air and we have had to adapt and respond quickly. Sometimes, these have not been small steps at all. To readjust, I have had to make very small shifts, and these are the ones that have shown me the power of making steady changes, those that will stay and make things better. Whether it is behaviour, lifestyle or thought pattern, small is adaptable, easy and within reach. And the tiniest step keeps you moving in the right direction.

Laura x

What I have been practicing

I have found that Ayurveda can bring significant changes to my wellbeing and I want to share three very simple ones that have really helped me. These three very small steps to take towards self care. You can do one, two, or all three:

1. In the morning, I scrape my tongue to get rid of stuff that has accumulated overnight. I use a copper scraper,  but you can simply try lightly brushing your tongue.

2. I drink lukewarm water or warm during the day instead of cold. So much kinder on my whole system.

3. I rub sesame oil on my feet before going to bed. It is lovely and relaxing to end my day taking care of this part of my body, which does so much for me.

What I have been looking at
The work of Alexander Gorlizki has kept me inspired. I used to draw a lot, and see a fair amount of art. All that changed. Taking a few minutes a week to research what my favourite artists are up to has brought me a lot of joy and a sense of being connected. I dream of the day when I will be able to see his work live!
What I have been listening to
Kia and Yotam have a new album, full of gorgeous sounds and small tracks with key teachings. I have enjoyed one at a time and also listened to all of it as a whole soundscape. It works beautifully as both. They offer us little reflections on aliveness, breath, intention and smiles. Something to support you every day and in every circumstance. This is a clear example of how a small action (listening to a song), can reorient your whole outlook!

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