Final bow by Neil Scott


original performance devised by

BA Honours Contemporary Performance Practice

13–15 March 2024, 7pm

Chandler Studio Theatre

Creators and Performers

flux by Tattie Chater Davies, Laurie Elliott and Tsoi Huen Wong

Sound composition: Andrew Keddie and Tattie Chater Davies

Special thanks: Alastair MacDonald, Bill Wright, Stephanie Lamprea, Aya Kobayashi, Noa Ferder, Laura Gonzalez, Vishak Ramaprasad and Tom McFadyen 

Raindance by Gemma Legan and Tabitha Dearie

Music and Sound composition: Connor Bristow 

Contribution to voice note: Paige MacGillivray

Special thanks: Bee McQueen, Dianne McConnell, Gregor Dickov, Iz Brett, Kate Bradley, Laurie Elliott, Robyn Johnstone, Viola Fowler and Zoe Pebbles. 

It’s My House by Shaaray Sharif, Bronwyn Dickson and Emily Rae

Music and Sound Composition: Emily Rae

Special thanks: Emily Rae (BMus Composition) and Iz Brett 

Breakfast with Insomniacs by Louise Van Tassel, Matthew Baker-Grunza and Dianne McConnell

Live Sound and Electronics: Adrian Stark

Voiceover: Julienne Restall

Special thanks: Jo Ronan, Robyn Wendy Johnstone, Paige MacGillivray, Laura Gonzalez, Jean Sangster, Bill Wright, Stephanie Lamprea, Bojana Jankovic, MACCT students and the production team

Staff/Student Artistic Team

Conceptual Framing

Jo Ronan

Choreographic Framing

Laura Gonzalez

Composition Framing

Oliver Searle

Lighting Design

Jamie Burke

Assistant Lighting Design

Eoin Beaton

Sound Supervision

Nathan Farndale

Music and Live Sound Design

Emily Rae

Andrew Keddie

Adrian Stark

Connor Bristow

Tattie Chater Davies

Production Team

Production Manager

Jacqui Howard

Stage Manager

Iz Brett

Stage Manager

Zoe Peebles

Stage Manager

Robyn Wendy Johnstone

Assistant Stage Manager

Paige MacGillivray

Assistant Stage Manager

Cara Heddle

Assistant Stage Manager

Gregor Dickov

Stage Supervisor

Rory Campbell

Deputy Stage Supervisor

Nathan George

Lighting Programmer

William Sheils

Lighting Technician

Joshua Hanover

Lighting Technician

Trudy Nelson

Production Electricians

John Ross


Cameron McGrath

Sound Technician

Kara Whelan

Sound Technician

Jazzi Hart

Sound Technician

Aimee Flemming

Stage Technician

Eilidh Watt

Stage Technician

Rachael Brown

Welcome Message

Dr Jo Ronan, Interim Head of Contemporary Performance Practice

inter-sections is a series of four vignettes framed by a prologue and epilogue. It is the product of a core module, Collaborations, undertaken by all 3rd year students. This year the collaboration extended to RCS Composition students. One student, Noa Ferder went further afield and collaborated with a Glasgow School of Art student to develop her visual and design practice. She completed her ‘vignette’ outwith inter-sections earlier this year.

inter-sections developed from my praxis, Dialectical Collaborative Theatre, enabled the students to negotiate singular and collective artistic vision in progressing agency and ownership. The students took artistic lead in creating their vignettes but allowed us lecturers to support them in realising their artistic vision, while we challenged them to deepen and refine their work. Through participating in the collaborative practice of Professor Laura Gonzalez, Dr Oliver Searle and myself, the students experienced three artists/pedagogues at work. We developed the prologue from collaborative processes I was facilitating at the time. We developed the epilogue from the content of the vignettes with help from CPP student, Tsoi Huen Wong. Working with the process/product dialectic enabled the ownership of our collective artistic labour to materialise in individual, small group and full ensemble creation and performance.

While there have been challenging times, as you would expect of any collaborative process, the rewards of developing collective artistic vision in society today are immeasurable. It has been a privilege and joy to work with Laura, Oli, Jacqui, our Production Manager, and all the students and staff from CPP, Production and Music. You, the audience complete the final layer of our ensemble. Thank you for your participation. We hope inter-sections provokes and entertains in equal measure.