The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin by Idries Shah ****

15 November 2023 | ,

Reading dates: 30 September – 13 November 2023

Mulla Nasrudin’s stories are so comforting, humorous and wise all at once. I even got my dad to read them and he has wizzed through the two books I gave him in a week. He said some of them were jokes and some stories very deep which, together with the donkey appearances, makes them so rewarding. My only issue with them is that I can binge-read them and, while I get the soothing, I am not sure I am getting the meditative, deeper side of the teachings when I consume them in this way. So I had to pace myself when reading in bed at the end of a hard day, like I would do with a box of chocolates: only 3, even if I want 30.

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Cover of the book The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin