The Visitor by Lee Child ***

7 May 2022 | ,

Read dates: 08 April – 06 May 2022

Third Reacher in my Reacher year. There are 24 of them in total, not counting the novels with Andrew Child.

#1 Killing Floor
#2 Die Trying
#3 Tripwire
#5 Echo Burning
#6 Without Fail
#7 Persuader
#8 The Enemy
#9 One Shot
#15 61 hours

The premise of The Visitor is great, as it antagonises Reacher’s army loyalty to the FBI’s by-the-book procedures. It mocks criminal profiling and has some interesting scenes in Quantico but the resolution is a WTF one and it really lets it down. I mean it is coherent with the book’s universe but not plausible in the real world. It is the solution to a puzzle and that is all.

I cannot say what I learned about in this novel without revealing the plot but it wasn’t as abundant a harvest as with some of the other books in the series. Interesting to set the character a little more, as Reacher inherits a house in New York and hates owning property.

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