The Enemy by Lee Child ***

8 April 2022 | ,

Reading dates: 30 March – 7 April 2022

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The Enemy is a necessary novel in the series. It tells the back story of why and how reacher left the army and connects us a little more to his family, filling in holes raised by the previous 7 books. It is set in 1990, so earlier than any of the others. There are some very profound moments n the story, on loneliness, family, connection and abandonment. The plots, for there are several, are very good but by the end, I was sea sick with all the travel: North Carolina, DC, California, Germany, France … The main things I learned with The Enemy about were tanks, crowbars and this useful advice:

I had a theory: if you can’t get time to sleep, a shower is a good substitute. If you can’t get time to shower, cleaning your teeth is the next best thing.

As I read it during an international travel nightmare (long waits, pure chaos in airport, sick), I even got to practice it. Good old Reacher wisdom.

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