Persuader by Lee Child ****

5 April 2022 | ,

Reading dates: 6 – 29 March 2022

, the 7th novel in the Jack Reacher series, is a very good thriller with a well rounded plot and two timelines 10 years apart nice joined up. I read it mostly while on holiday in Hurghada in Egypt and it is the perfect book for that setting. Here are my thoughts on the Reacher books I have already reviewed:

#1 Killing Floor

#2 Die Trying

#3 Tripwire

#5 Echo Burning

#6 Without Fail

#15 61 hours

My first Reacher was Killing Floor, which was later made into a TV show. I also read One Shot, number 9 in the series, just before I saw the film starring Tom Cruise. It was with my unsuspected second read of Tripwire that I started writing reviews of books because I only remembered having read it half way through.  With age, that will only get worse so I thought I would help myself.

I think Persuader is the first Reacher novel I have read in first person and with long chapters. It fitted and felt different. Closer perhaps. I learned a ton of things about tides, swimming, weapons and alert behaviour and, with these novels, I always feel I am going to need it at some point in my life. The world is so full of bad people. Lee Child is super precise and I appreciated the research very much. Perhaps to some people this comes across as pedantic (the middle name he gives Reacher) but it totally works for me. I hope they make this one into the TV show as it is such a good plot.

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