Red Bones (Shetland #3) by Ann Cleeves***

16 February 2021 | ,

Reading dates: 18 January – 14 February 2021

I am totally into the Shetland landscape, the dramatic changing weather and the activities that take up the time in such remote island locations. This crime novel is about archaeology and about how an island like this does not have any privacy. The book takes place in Whalsay and the logistics of hoping on and off a ferry are interesting to me. Reminds me of Hong Kong and Venice, in such a different scene. What does it mean when water rules the landscape?

The plot has some interesting twists and turns but I did not find it as compelling as the previous two books I reviewed, even if I can see the purpose of this novel in the quartet (to which other books were added later).

I have issues with the ending, clever as it is. You see, to commit murder a specific psychology is needed and that just was not present here, it was not believable at all. Motivation was lacking and a few of the details (about education, past history and family relations) were just contradictory.

Still, these novels make me want to visit the island so much!

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Shetland 3