Essence of Pranayama by Dr Shrikrishna *****

16 October 2019 | , , ,

Reading dates: 23 August–16 October 2019

As complete a round of funding application, performative texts and performance scores on the breath, I know how hard is to write about something so vital, so subtle, so mundane and so divine as the breath. Dr Shrikrishna’s work is so clear and lovely. It is not a pranayama breath technique manual. In fact, it does not explain any of the practices we do, but takes care of everything around them, the seat, the mind, the count … It is the perfect companion to Swami Kuvalayananda’s seminal work ‘Pranayama’ where the practices are detailed carefully. In true Kaivalyadham lineage, Shrikrishna pays attention to both the scriptures (the Hathapradipika and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in particular) and the science. He did a scientific PhD on the breath so he has a lot to discuss and debunk.

I read this in small 6 minutes chunks, as this is how long my subway journey to the shala is in the mornings. it was easy, pleasant and it helped me love the breath even more. I loved the last chapter on mantra, on the power of Om and So’Ham recitations. With this book, one can practice Swadyaya, self study, in a nourishing way.


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