Echo Burning by Lee Child ***

5 October 2018 | ,

Reading dates: 28 August – 1 October 2018

As Neil said, this is the golden period of the Reacher novels and the plot here is solid. I particularly like the Texan heat, the storm and the battle that comes within it. It feels more than visual and appeals to many senses. The downside, I am still not warming to Reacher himself in the way I feel for Denise Mina’s characters or even Harry Hole. I want him a bit more vulnerable, less robotic. I was hoping for a bit of romance with Carmen, something that makes him miss a step for a few pages. I know, I know the rumours that he is neurodiverse but to me it is not him or his character at fault here, it is the writing. I am all for neurodiversity if the writing respects that. As it is, Reacher feels distant more that atypical. Of course, I am reading the next one in the series …

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