Something Fresh by P. G. Wodehouse***

31 October 2014 | ,

Reading dates: 30 August – 23 October 2014

For a long time but a short amount of pages, I thought this book was not for me. Although I mildly enjoyed some of the Jeeves and Wooster adventures, I was disheartened by this story. All changed, however, as soon as I arrived to Blandings Castle, met the unreliable host and lived in its architectural surroundings, which would make anyone clumsy. It is comforting, well written and witty, despite its shaky beginning. It feels so effortless, I can imagine it takes a substantial amount of talent to make a story like this work and be satisfactory, not forgotten within ten minutes of closing the book (unlike some of the crime fiction I read). It is still not my preferred type of book —it is a matter of timings I think— but I am glad I have read it.

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