Alternative Maternals

18 July 2014 | , , ,

I curated Alternative Maternals, an international show dismantling the collective characteristics by which the maternal is recognisable or known. Through a variety of expressions the show combines diverse lenses of absence, rejection, memory, legacy, scandal, autonomy, physical body and social media. It opens at Lindner Project Space in Berlin on the 3 August 2014 and runs until 9 August.

The artists in the show are wonderful, moving, critical, supportive and very engaged. What can I say, it has been a pleasure to work with them; I have laughed and learned, and I could not have asked for a more interesting project to be involved in. They are: Deborah Dudley (USA), Linda Duvall (Canada), Jeca Rodriguez Colón (Puerto Rico), Miriam Schaer (USA), and Valerie Walkerdine (UK). You can see the charming catalogue we produced here (PDF, 1MB).

I want to thank Cella and Klaus Knoll at Transart Institute, Eto Otitigbe and Kate Hers Rhee for their support with organising a show in a venue I have not been in yet. It is amazing how easy and rewarding it has been considering the crazy nature of the circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Alternative Maternals

  1. Hello Laura Gonzales,
    My name is Lynn Lu – an artist, academic and new mother.

    I see that you are curating ‘Alternative Maternals’ alongside the conference ‘Motherhood and creative practice: Maternal structures in creative work’ at London South Bank University,
    and wanted to share these works made with my baby and lactating breasts, for your consideration:

    Thank you for your time and trouble, and hope to hear from you! Best wishes, Lynn Lu

  2. Hello Lynn Lu, Thank you for your interest in Alternative Maternals. I am afraid the show is closed as I am bringing over to London a show I curated in Berlin in 2014. We are not taking any more artists than those who were in Berlin. I hope you make it to the conference and the show’s opening and perhaps we can discuss future projects? Your work is interesting and I can think of a number of projects it could fit into. Let me know. Thanks for getting in touch! Laura

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