Scottish Dance Theatre’s SisGo at Tramway

8 May 2014 | ,

Last week and this, I have been rehearsing with Scottish Dance Theatre as part of their SisGo production at Tramway. We open this Friday 9th May and we will also be dancing on Saturday 10th May. The show is at 7.30 on both days and I can tell you it is a dance experience you will not forget. If you are in Glasgow, come and see it. The music is spectacular, you will see a choreography called ‘Reverse Thriller’ and there is a lot of glow in the dark excitement. You also get to take your shoes off and share the same space as dancers. Not for the faint hearted!

Fleur Darkin’s SisGo from Scottish Dance Theatre on Vimeo.

If you come, follow the instruction anyone tells you at any time in the show, especially if it is to move or stand somewhere. I promise you will not be asked to backflip or somersault, and there are no individual solos planned for the audience.

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