My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse ***

13 January 2014 | ,

Reading dates: 07 – 12 January 2013

This is the first book of stories, featuring the infamous Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman Jeeves. Well rounded characters, hilarious situations and precise, comforting writing make this a lovely read before sleep. Be warned, though not all the stories are Jeeves and Wooster ones. There are 3 starring Reggie Pepper, who is also lovely if less defined. My favourite, actually, is one of his: Absent Treatment. I really liked the simple, elegant plot. My problem with the stories is that they all represent rather upper class problems—moustaches, suits, love triangles, aunts and money—although they are, in their humour, also a critique, of course. Like all genres, they are reductive and by the end of it I could predict how they would get out of the pickles. What is definitely worth it, though is the names Wodehouse comes up with. I mean Rockmetteler Todd … He needs a spin-off of his own.

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