The Bat by Jo Nesbø *

22 December 2013 | ,

Reading dates: 11 – 22 December 2013

Books like The Bat are the reason why in 2013 I made a reading list of 17 books. Of those, I managed to read, so far, fourteen, with Libra, No Name and Ada bleeding over into 2014. Yes, 17 was too many for a whimsical reader and I have learned from this. My next reading list only has 6 titles and if I read all of those, my year will be a great reading year. As 2013 has been if it weren’t for The Bat. Disappointing, predictable, uninteresting. I cannot believe this was the first in the Harry Hole series, the one that won the awards. It seems an after thought, a bad prequel, writing by numbers. It has nothing to redeem it and is very far away from The Snowman, or even The Devil’s Star. Don’t read it, even if you love crime fiction. Stick to your list.

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