Anthem by Ayn Rand *

Reading dates: 16 June 2013 – 29 June 2013

Well, I am not a Randian, just yet. I thought Anthem was poorly executed and that is my main issue with it. It is too idealistic; in fact, it is just an idea. But fiction can be a lot more than that. Where is the shiver down the spine? Not here. The story narrates the journey of a guy (Equality something or other) from we to I. The novella is in utter praise of the ego—Rand’s individualism is well known—but Lacan tells us that the ego is not to be trusted, is imaginary. You know by now which view I follow. The ego only works (and is interesting) in relation to the id and the super-ego. Yet, in Anthem, the super-ego gets rejected when Equality goes into the uncharted forrest—with the Golden One, of course, you need both gender to start a new civilisation. What kind of super-ego does not pursue the ego? All too neat, too imaginary, in the way High Rise descended into pure id. I am looking forward to reading something more balanced, showing the complexity of character I am after (and which I am reading, but you’ll have to wait for the review).