Two forthcoming films about hysteria

26 September 2011 | , , ,

Hysteria, by Tanya Wexler

A Dangerous Method, by David Cronenberg

2 thoughts on “Two forthcoming films about hysteria

  1. I heard about the Cronenberg Film when it was in the making.
    If you are interested, there is a book by Covington “Sabine Spielrein, Forgotten pioneer ….”. She ‘invented’ Child psychology 25 years before Anne Freud did – and subsequently was forgotten.

    I haven’t seen the film yet but i think Jung is depicted a bit too serious. He was a much livelier and funnier character then we see in the clip. Let me know when you’ve seen it.

  2. Thanks Michael! I agree with you about Jung. But neither Fassbender nor Mortensen fit the bill for their characters a priori. I guess we will have to wait until November to see … I’ll let you know.

    Funny story about Spielrein. I did not know it. These kinds of cases seem to be repeated all over psychoanalysis’ dark history.

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