Adult love and its roots in infancy

10 September 2011 | , ,

This looks so interesting. Love. Love, that eternal question. How do we chose our love objects? Where does adult love come from?

Day Conference

at the Anna Freud Centre, London NW3

This conference investigates adult love by bringing together the worlds of psychoanalysis, literature, and performance. The most sublime, exhilarating and painful of emotions, love puzzles the intellect and almost defies description. It motivates the best and worst of us, overwhelming us with the ferocity of its demands, while thwarted love and perverse love are at the heart of much violent behaviour and neurotic suffering.

Psychoanalysis unlocks the mystery of love by tracing its roots to childhood. The conference will be of interest to anyone involved in adult psychotherapy or counselling, and anyone who has ever been in love.


Lisa Appignanesi (Chair)
All About Love: Introductory Remarks

Bernard Barnett
Psychoanalytic Love, Real Love and Love in Anna Karenina

David Morgan
Destroying the Knowledge of the Need for Love: The Perverse and Addictive Transference

Anna Furse
When I touch the keys my flesh melts: On writing Don Juan.Who?

Estela Welldon
The Dangers of First Love

Click here for speaker biographies, booking details and abstracts. And if you go, let me know how it was!

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