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11 May 2011 | ,

You are cordially invited to this show, where I will be showing some photographs alongside some work by Glasgow School of Art PhD students:

A woman displays strange behaviour on her way to work: despite having to rush to attend to her duties on time, she finds herself stopping in her tracks, unable to look elsewhere. She is in distress, even if this is not a hysteric fit. The cause of this conduct seems to be related to a diamond and platinum ring. The diamond, a natural, round brilliant one of 1.00 carat, is very sparkling and blinds her. She cannot resist seduction’s call. She is terrified by its meaning and its consequences. She is terrified when addressed to by the object, when faced with her own desire. The encounter is uncanny. She asks: ‘What does the object want from me?’

These photographs are part of a project entitled ‘Make Me Yours’. They are concerned with the relational and psychodynamic aspects of the engagement between object and subject, between work of art and viewer;
one that, when seduction operates, is characterised by interplay, flow and conflict.

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