The noughties

2000: Moved from Manchester to Sheffield. Met Hayley and Oli and Stuart who took me to the pub. Finished BA. Met Neil. Got attacked by a goose. Moved to London. Started MA.

2001: Westminster Bridge Road. Depression. Finished MA. Started work in academia. Lost ability to make art. Won Mr and Mrs competition.

2002: Tooting. Watched Star Wars for the first time. Got second job.

2003: Colliers Wood. Met most of my friends. ‘To all the lovers and sweethearts we will never meet.’ Ralph disappears.

2004: Met those of of my friends who I hadn’t met in 2003. Depression (unrelated).

2005: Ralph reappeared. Moved to Glasgow. Met those of my friends living in Glasgow. Became a lecturer. Started PhD at Sheffield.

2006: Began psychoanalysis. Began running the MRes. First conference paper on seduction.

2007: Bought flat. Visited Berlin for the first time. Visited New York for the first, second and third times. Saw Étant Donnés and it changed my life.

2008: Ended psychoanalysis. Found ability to make art. Began teaching psychoanalysis. Got married. Fell in love with Portugal again.

2009: Overworked, overwhelmed. Depression. Back in therapy. Ended running the MRes. Started correspondence with Linda. Feel much better. Freud collection almost complete. First published book chapter.