Lunch with Blahnik

14 July 2009 | , , ,

Sometimes, this humble blog sounds like a death blog. All these R.I.P.s, with some personal ones I did not even mention… It is summer and it is time to change the tone, although what I am going to mention also involves death (death, the ultimate seducer, do you remember Baudrillard’s story in Samarkand?). This time, it is the death of shoes as potential objects of desire as stated by Manolo Blahnik over lunch. No, we did not have lunch together. The piece is called Lunch with… and the guest was Manolo Blahnik. I would love to invite him, though. I’d take him to Amazing Grazing at Abode and chat in Spanish. I’d love to have one hour with the maestro.

2 thoughts on “Lunch with Blahnik

  1. Thank you, Linda. I love the meastro. I am getting closer to completing my PhD, which means I will be able to treat myself to some designers shoes for graduation (wishful thinking, but also an excuse to complete the degree). Him and Louboutin are my shortlist…

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