Burlesque name appeal

In order to do more than just talking the talk, I joined a Burlesque class. If you have participated in such activities before, you will know that one of the first tasks of the Burlesque student is to come up with a name. Our teacher (Viva Misadventure) does not want to know our birth names at all, only our stage names, so there’s a bit of pressure in the decision, as I don’t want to be known as “the-little-one-in-red-who-should-bend-her-knees-more”. I can’t title my chapters for the life of me and have a terrible experience of being haunted by a horrible Capoeira name. So this is a chance to put things right for me.

I have been using Femme Letale for around 10 years but I feel bad because it is stolen from Almodovar’s High Heels and now that I am going public, it just won’t do. My dream name is Agent Provocateur but, given it is a high end lingerie shop, you understand the copyright issues.

Tim and Neil helped me last week: they came up with Spanish Fly and Catty Devine (in honour of my favourite jewellery designers). They are good, but not yet it. I have …de Vivre, …Rouge/Noir, Désir… as beginnings and ends but not much makes sense on the whole.

So, in the Spirit of reality TV and user generated content, I invite suggestions. Think of it as a phone in. Here are the parametres:

1. French (I like —eur and —que endings, especially)
2. Mysterious (as in detective novels or spies)
3. Seductive/desirous*

* extra points for psychoanalytic references

Any ideas?

I will send the winner a picture of me taking my gloves off. And I mean my gloves, because I don’t yet know any more moves.