Seduction at FIT Museum

On the 9th December the Museum at FIT, in New York, opened an exhibition dedicated to Seduction in Fashion. I have followed the exhibitions at the museum for a while now and earlier this year, when I realised they were hosting a show on Christian Louboutin and desire, the distance separating me from those glorious objects almost became too much. With this new show, though, enough would have been enough and I would have had to find a way of going to New York City, despite the fact that I have another visit planned for the East coast later on in the year. I say would have, because I am now definitely going to see Seduction. Moreover, I have been invited to speak about it in conversation with the curator, Colleen Hill. An honour, a delight. This will take place on the 18th February 2009. If you happen to be around, and want to hear something around perversion, the pleasure of dressing up and scopophilia, do come along.


Edit: see comment below: John Rawlings, Anna-Lee Daniels modeling for Vogue photoshoot, 15 October 1947, gift of the Estate of John Rawlings (from FIT Museum Facebook site).