R.I.P Betty Page

12 December 2008 |

R.I.P Betty Page, Pin Up Queen


9 thoughts on “R.I.P Betty Page

  1. Hey Laura: wonderful to see a bettie Paige-page–really she spend most of her life in mental institutions. We sold several vintage shots of her when we had the gallery. The wholesome whore–of faux–S & M. It would be amusing if it were so tragic. She ended up a fundamentalist at the finish. Sad really because she was so delicious in her time.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    First of all, Happy birthday! It is wonderful to hear from you. You are right about Betty. What a life story. Phenomenally rich and with so many tragicomic / melodramatic moments. Still, your word delicious fits her very well…


  3. Hannah, would you believe I haven’t seen the film? Maybe that’s a little hommage I could pay to such an iconic figure. I will pay attention to the soundtrack! Lx

  4. Belen, what a photo! And with a quote by John Berger! Thanks for the link. Like Cindy Sherman (but in a different way), she had something that captured the camera and therefore, the viewer’s eyes. Difficult to describe but the article’s mention of “at ease” is in the right area, I think.

  5. Hi Laura, the film isn’t that great –
    But it does highlight her beauty – I was looking for interesting music for performance and came across the title music to the film. That brought me to the film and then to Page herself..she was there before Ditta Von Tease ..and with something more if you ask me – although i’m going on what i’ve seen and heard.

    I like the Sherman reference – the photos have the same quality – I love using the images in my work with students. I usually place music with them and see how they change. Wonder what would happen if i tried that with the Page images.

  6. Betty Page is one beautiful and sexy lady!She epitomizes the pinups of the 1950s. I wish the women(Models and Actresses of today would look the same. They look like sticks especially in the are put out by stores. They need to keep some meat on their bones. My wife was a super beauty in the 1950s (and she could have stopped traffic on an interstate if she word shorts. She could easily have been a model, especially bathing suits. I her 70s now, she is still a beautiful lady. I am blessed.

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