Destruction of the father, indeed…

14 November 2008 | ,

Charcot was modest. He was only a scientist and not a theorist. Lacan was a guérisseur, through charm and through the verbal. He was not a scientist. He was a con man. Freud and Lacan did nothing for the artist. They were barking up the wrong tree. They don’t help any. I simply can’t use them.

Breton’s teacher was really Bousette. Bousette was interested in the grandiose style and social connections — that search for the grandiose and the religious. Breton, Lacan and Freud disappointed me. They promised the truth and just came up with theory. They were like my father: to promise so much and deliver so little.

Bourgeois, L. Destruction of the father, reconstruction of the father. Writings and interviews 1923-1997. Cambridge, Mass & London, MIT Press, 1998. pp. 229

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