A Wind of Revolution Blows, the Storm is on the Horizon

16 November 2008 | ,

I can’t wait to go to London at the end of November and see this exquisite show:

We have see nothing yet but roses 2006 detail

Sharon Kivland
A Wind of Revolution Blows,
the Storm is on the Horizon

07.11.08 – 13.12.08

Chelsea Space
Chelsea College of Art and Design
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU


Her work is a fine example of the relationship between art, work, fashion, commodity and the possibility of a change of context (and of heart). Above all, though, I find the pieces very beautiful, in a strange kind of way; nostalgic, yet current. Fashions come back. It may be my French upbringing; or the revolutionary within me; or, again, the pleasing female eager to work patiently, yet subversively… Look, look at the images on the links to see what I mean. Better still, go and encounter them, and do your own work as a viewer. We are all labourers under Capitalism. The conditions and the space for this are very nice, though.

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