Das Kapital and dizziness

6 September 2008 | ,

Of course, having been out of the loop with my journal means I also have been out of the loop wit that of others. I am catching up now, almost finishing reading June. I couldn’t let one post pass, though, as it is another clear example of how I have to be careful with what I wish because it may become true. The excellent Larval Subjects cited RoughTheory who in turn linked to David Harvey. It is not the journey that is referred to when I mentioned dizziness in the title, it is what I found when I got there. Distinguished Professor Harvey, of CUNY is doing a close reading of Marx’s Capital in 13 2-hour lectures, downloadable on audio and video. I have always dreamed of something like this happening. But just as I found out when I listened to Zizek’s masterclass on Lacan, I know that the next few walks to work and the forthcoming sessions at the gym are going to be hard going.

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