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25 Jan 2008


It has been a while. I have been a hermit, distanced from online activities, wholly immersed in constructing Chapter 1, figuring out A Case of Seduction (End Gallery 12-17 May 2008), attending a Psychoanalysis and the Arts and Humanities conference (Vicissitudes : Histories and Destinies of Psychoanalysis) and coping with the end of my analysis. I know, I know that each time I disappear for a while I come back with a list but I have had to put all of my energies on Chapter 1. It has felt like a milestone, with all the effort it takes to actually reach it. Literally, a PhD is like a marathon and I have had to concentrate on putting one foot forward, and then the other and so one, not tripping, advancing a little at a time. And not to mention a really traumatic Christmas period, of course, from which I wish I could have taken some holiday. Alas, I had Masters assessments on 7th January.

I will write about all of those things I mentioned, in particular the end of analysis, once the mourning period eases my throat. I missed being here. Like Sh. and F. mentioned to me at The Freud Museum last Saturday, blogging is a particular form of writing that suits only some people. To me, it is like tidying my desk, or filing my stuff… I tell you what, I really need to clear some things. The mess has really accumulated while I had my guard down.

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11 Responses to “Absence”

  1. LInda Herbertson said:

    Yo! Nice to see you back. I hope you find time to post.

  2. Laura Gonzalez said:

    Nice to be back, Linda. I hope I get time to think aloud too…

  3. Laura Gonzalez said:

    Oh! And I love Yo. More people should say Yo.

  4. Hugo said:

    Que casualidad…yo tambien estoy dandole los toques finales al Ch. 1 de mi tesis de doctorado y tambien uso el blog como forma de organizar(me) y de pensar en otras cosas, aunque no esten directamente relacionadas con el tema de la tesis. Encontre tu blog en el de modern psych, y me llamo la atencion tu nombre hispano. No te he podido leer mucho de tu blog, lo hare despacio. Saludos!

  5. Laura Gonzalez said:

    Saludos, Hugo. Me encanta tu blog y tus pedacitos de pensamiento. Tuenes suerte de poder salir del tema de tu tesis. El mio, la seduccion, es omnipotente y omnipresente. Y yo me dejo, claro…

  6. Hugo said:

    Estare por aqui, al tanto de lo que nos cuentas.

  7. Hugo said:

    Encontre esto, pense que a lo mejor te interesaria:

  8. Laura Gonzalez said:

    Si, claro, esto lo lei yo para mi literature survey. Muy interesante. Seduction as psychoanalysis’ lost object…

  9. Hugo said:

    Lo supuse, pero igual quise asegurarme.

  10. Xan said:

    Hola Laura
    Me he encontrado con tu blog por casualidad y queria decirte qe he disfrutado mogollon (o deberia decir qe me has acojonado con tanta charla, tanta conferencia, doctorado…). Eres un maquina, ninaaaaa 😀 (con todo el carino del mundo). Tengo gente qe se engancho’ a la droga del arte en Edinburgo y ahora se pasean por Brighton respirando humedad salada. Parece qe Escocia inspira…Te mando muchos animos y una montana de energia positiva desde Birmingham.
    un abrazo

  11. Laura Gonzalez said:

    Gracias, Xan! Claro, Escocia inspira… HAce tanto frio que que vamos a hacer? Trabajar! Si lo piensas, las chalas y conferencias no son muchas, eso si, muy intensas. Me encanta hablar en publico. A ti? Tu foto con la tesis en tu web me ha hecho muy feliz. O sea que hay vida despues de un doctorado? Es bueno saberlo! Gracias por la energia (que bien viene) y un abrazo>

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