Donnie Darko

17 November 2007 |

Isn’t Donnie Darko an amazing film? Such a beautiful portrayal of unconscious processes, 80s music (Love will tear us apart…), paranoic behaviour, teenage love, phantasy, trauma, the hope of therapy, the imaginary, the social bond, educational philosophies and politics, and science fiction. It’s so inspiring, I could watch it over and over again (I mean, Grandma Death!). There is also a link to be made between Donnie Darko and Inland Empire, with its exploration of the unconscious and the rabbits… When I am done with this bit of research I am engaged in, I should return to explore this. Does anyone know good books/papers I shouldn’t miss?

5 thoughts on “Donnie Darko

  1. Hi, Laura. Have you listened to the commentary track with the director and Kevin Smith on the director’s cut dvd? If not, you should. It is really good.
    Un saludo. Encuentro tus intereses muy interesantes ­čÖé

  2. I will, thanks! Did they change the film at all in the new edition? Gracias por tus alentadores comentarios.

  3. Yes, I have read that they changed somethings and it is longer. But I have only seen the director’s cut so I cannot really compare. Anyway, try to get the director’s cut dvd because all the extra material is pretty fun. And the commentary is revealing if you are interested in how he constructed the story and why he chose certain elements to tell it. It is such a wonderful movie.

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