Snail dream with written parapraxes

6 October 2007 | ,

I dreamt Dr Sh— (my psychoanalyst) and I were in the Basque Country, taking a walk towards my Gran’s house. The way was swampy and somehow overgrown with Amazonian-type vegetation. The leaves we encuntered encountered were enormous and I put that down to my home country changing. Dr Sh— led the way in front of me. At some point, we encountered snails and I mentioned, in passing, that they disgusted me. Dr Sh— reached down the swaped swamp and pulled out a snail or slug the size of a cap cat and showed it to me. I, rationally, explained my emotions. I felt disgusted, but this was an intellectual emotion, a kind of out-of-bidybody experience.

Borrowed from El Guindo. As soon as I find out author, title, and year, I will edit this entry.

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