These shoes are made for walking

iPadI am not sure. I am definitely not sure and the more I think about it, the less sure I am about this iPod inspired iPad building (not convinced about the pun, either). Of course, iPods are a way of life, identity-bearing devices and saving graces when I am stopped by charity touts in Glasgow‚Äôs Buchanan Street. Still, I am not sure they would make good dwellings or offices; I doubt people would want to live in them. Besides, where is the iClick wheel? And the screen? And I know it is only inspired on the iPod design but, as it currently stands, it could also be a swanky cigarette packet, a gigantic tic-tac box…

You know I love shoes. You know I would [almost] do anything for a pair of Manolos, but I think boundaries are important when it comes to architectural design. I mean, iPod in hand, shoes in feet, and architecture all around. Lets not mix them.

With many thanks to Mike Press for making me think about the limits of my love for shoes.