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5 July 2007 | ,

mamiya 645I have to train my eye, reader, train it to a new method of working. That way of working is a lot more technical and scientific than what I have been used to, with my little collages, my clay sculptures, my silly objects. Photography has its own way of being, especially if one is interested in a Fine Art photographic practice, rather than journalism, documentation, or plain photo chavving –you know, that mobile phone business. As a way of training these eyes of mine (the physical, the psychical), I am going to take, or at least carefully look at, a picture a day. Those, which will not necessarily constitute of relate to my artwork, will, of course be published online here, at least for the time being.

Hopefully it will inform my actual photographic practice.My new best friend for the summer is a beautiful Mamiya 645, a delight to touch. For this, an many other things that will slowly come up on these pages over the next months, I must warmly thank Vaughan Judge, for his time, his support, and his belief that my images may reveal seduction.

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