Will fuck for shoes

12 May 2007 | ,

From the beautiful Locher’s collection and with a zillion thanks to Michael.

3 thoughts on “Will fuck for shoes

  1. Lovely thoughts and photographs but then again it’s not surprising in light of your artist’s spirit. This particular woman reminds me so much of the “femme fatale” that occurs frequently in the Pre-Raphaelites’ works. The pose, the thinly veiled senusality and the shallow background smacks of Rossetti’s “Fazio’s Mistress”. Interestingly enough, had this been presented as a painting in Rossetti’s (or Burne-Jones’) time, it would have been a sensational scandal. Thanks ­čÖé

  2. I think you have it. It is all about the scandalous: the hair, the cheeks, the background, the smile, the embroidery in the garments and then… the words. What words… what true words…

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