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15 January 2007 | , ,

I have uploaded images of work-in-progress created as part of my PhD project. Engaging in practice has been productive, even if difficult. The practice of analysis and of art are beginning to converge in a weird sense and I am hoping that writing my confirmation report will bring that very point into some clear focus. At the moment it is just a list of shared characteristics and references. A hypothesis. Bijoux #4 (engage and commit) is probably the one that best reflects this connection: it is awkward; wearing it hurts. I agree with S‚Äî. The practice is a little illustrative of what I read, see, like… Yet, it is a first step, like laying on the couch. Where forces are pulling in different directions ‚Äîtheory here; art there; psychoanalysis, up; epistemology, down; my own practice this other way‚Äî, this attempt to crete is a step towards a kind of negitiation. What I now need to do is to create seduction, not to seduce (which may be impossible, as seduction is always in flux, never still)

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