Sometimes, after analysis, I feel just like my objects

14 December 2006 | ,

Email received today at 14:38:

Dear artist,

We would like to thank you again for contributing to Objects in Waiting and to GIFT. Over the six days that GIFT took place, 83 of the exhibits were given away to visitors; however, we regret that the object that you contributed was not one of these, as no suitable request was made for its use. Like the many unwanted gifts that linger in their packaging after Christmas day, the fate of your object remains as yet undecided.

If you would like to bestow the responsibility on to us, we will endeavour to resolve the matter in a way that befits the now very complex status of these objects. If you would prefer to be reunited with your object we can return it to you by post or in person.

Please consider this and let us know what you decide, and be assured that no action will take place unless we hear from you.

Best wishes,

P— and D—

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