Juicy Phallus

20 December 2006 | ,

Juicy Phallus by Caroline Noordijk in collaboration with Kyla Elliott.

This made me smile after a hard day’s work. Finally, someone has put Starck (and the masculinity he represents) back in its place. With thanks to Alastair, who can always make a perceptive comment or two…

2 thoughts on “Juicy Phallus

  1. Hmmmmyes… but then we would have to analyze what one means by juicer, wouldn’t we?

  2. If anything that juicer strikes me as vaginal, not phallic. It stands there with its legs parted, waiting for you to ram your big citrus up it…

    As a seducer, it’s not very subtle. Whereas the iPod seems blank and straightforward on the surface, but to master it you have to touch it in subtle ways – who would suspect that you’d have to hold down “select” and “pause” at the same time to get it to stop ignoring you when it locks up?

    The Starck juicer is a whore: initially enticing, but its flaws soon become apparent, leaving you sticky and unfulfilled. The iPod is the kind of object you’d like to settle down with for a long relationship.

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