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9 August 2006 | ,

I am standing in a space by a window with volets [shutters]. The word came to me only in French. In front of the is a horizontal space, like a low and wide windowsill. I am polishing a pair of small scissors. I recognise the scissors as they are those my mother has in her living room, by the sofa where she sits. The screw holding them together is very loose and their tip is bent. She uses them to cut facial hair. I am still polishing them when my newly married friends O. and C. come outside the window and chat to me. I can’t remember what they say but they don’t stay long. After they’ve gone, I continue polishing the scissors in my hand. When I finish, I place them down on the windowsill-like surface an take another unpolished pair of the same scissors. In the dream, I am surprised of the fact that I have so many of them…

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