Dream material

CouchLast night I deamt my partner left me for another woman. When he told me so, he said I was mere “drapery” in his life.

Drapery (From Oxford English Dictionary Online)

1. Cloth or textile fabrics collectively.
2. a. The trade or business of a draper; the manufacture of cloth (obs.); now, the sale of cloth and other textile fabrics.
b. A place where cloth is made.
c. A place where a draper’s business is conducted.
3. The artistic arrangement of clothing in painting or sculpture.
4. The stuff with which anything is draped, or artistically covered; clothing or hangings of any kind; esp. the clothing of the human figure in sculpture or painting.
5. attrib. and Comb. drapery drudge, man, an artist employed by another artist to paint the drapery in a composition.

Drappery is probably Lacan’s S1, that little bit of “unconscious nonsense” Adams ((Adams, P (1991) The art of analysis: Mary Kelly‚Äôs ‚ÄúInterim‚Äù and the Discourse of the analyst. October, Vol. 58, Rendering the Real (Autumn 1991), pp. 81-96)) refers to, like Phillipe’s licorne in Laplanche and Leclaire’s paper on the unconscious…

I wonder what I was trying to tell myself.