2006 Artist of the month – 1

19 January 2006 |

I first encountered Pilar Albarracin’s tragicomic work on the 51st Venice Bienale. Her incisive look into the popular culture and folklore of her nation (which is also mine), together with her extraordinarily visual video, performative and photographic composititions have won her the first 2006 Artist Of The Month special mention and a firm and well-deserved nomination for the 2006 Artist Of The Year award.

As a taster, here are some images from her Video performance Bailar?© sobre tu tumba / I Will Dance on Your Grave, 2004 (with the collaboration of the dancer Andres Mar??n)

For a fuller account of her works (including a short excerpt of the video mentioned above), visit her website http://www.pilaralbarracin.com/home.htm

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