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3 December 2004 |

It must be professional deformation or mental illness. Each time I have to present in front of an audience, about any subject whatsoever, I appear to be the only one who has written it down in grammatically correct text rather that bullet pointed keywords, the only one who has rehearsed and timed the talk, one of the few with an actual point.

You may think that my systematic way of approaching presentations, conference papers or talks is a rigorous sensible one, but I very rarely get any feedback comments or questions apart from ‘oh, that sounds good’ or ‘you seem to have a pretty good idea of what you are doing’. Sometimes I can even hear a ‘phew!’ with that gesture of a hand going over a head.

I can’t wait to start my PhD and distance myself even more from the majority. I think was born to be a small minded researcher who will spend her whole live furthering knowledge for the benefit of other people. That, ladies and gentleman, requires rigour, rehearsals and arguments, to mention just a few qualities.

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